Material Feature

The advantages of using the chemical coating method to manufacture: Without poor oxide area, uniform distribution of oxide, stable electric performance Stable contact resistance, low ratio of electroerosion, and long electricity life.One of this series includes trace additive which can improve the displacement of electric arc and the performance of melting and welding. Moreover, it can prevent the concentration of the electric arc and the melting or welding property from decreasing, so that the material can have an ideal surface and excellent non-fusibility.

It is mainly used in AC contactor, air switch, high-power AC switch (above 50KW), medium and small capacity low-voltage circuit breaker, DC contactor, AC (DC) power relay and automotive electrical appliances.

Physical Index


Electrical Performance Test

Melting and welding state, the state of electric arc energy, material loss

Test condition: AC250V  Rated current 20A  Resistive load

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Electrical contact material


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