Bimetal Material

Thermostatic Bimetal is composed of two or more metals or alloys with different expansion coefficients firmly combined along the whole contact surface. It has a layer head metal composite functional material whose shape changes at changing temperature. The amount in curvature the Thermostatic Bimetal experiences is proportional to the temperature change. It is also predictable and it is repeatable. It is these unique properties that make Thermostatic Bimetal useful in any application where it is desirable to sense and react as a function of temperature.


Thermostatic Bimetal is one of the most widely applied metal materials of clad metals. As an economical solution for temperature sensing and control applications in a wide range of industries such as; home appliance, vehicles, HVAC, electrical and other fields.


FEPAC can meet all your specific needs through years of research on Thermostatic Bimetal.Through our lean management, heartful service and perfect combination with technology, we strive to make the power application safer and reliable, more environmental and more economical.