Alloy/Copper Clad Metals

Material Feature

The property of alloy and copper is different and it is difficult to bond them together in traditional bonding way and process. To overcome this difficulty, FEPAC has designed unique continuous bonding way and heat treatment process and also designed a series Al/CU products with adjustable thickness ratio. This series products are the best replacement for pure copper with its advantages as bellow:

A. keep the good property of copper, such as good conductivity, good tensile strength and good shielding function. 

B. Lighter net weight, save copper cost.

C. Corrosion preventive.

D. Easier welding.

The products has different bonding form: Overlay, Inlay and mutilayers bonding, which can designed according to customer's requirement. The maximum width is 150mm and the minimum thickness can be 0.05mm.Excellent bonding strength, No delamination during the welding process. 

Performance parameters of Alloy/Copper Clad Metals


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