Ag and Cag

Material Feature

The products of Ag and CAg are produced by water and air atomization in our company, which is an advanced way to produce powder metallurgy products which have mucn more homogeneous structure and better performances than other products’ by other ways but atomization. Pure silver and fine silver can be provided in different shapes and sizes, including wire, strip, component etc..


1. Ag

In all of metal, the electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity of silver are the best. Silver has not only the excellent properties of small and stable contact resistance and anti-oxidation, but also the good performance of erosion resistance. It is the same with punily voltaic contactors, relays, low-press switches, thermoadjustors and electric irons.


2. CAg

To Improve the integrative performances of silver, some nickel(about0.15wt%)are added to the pure silver to make the silver particle diminished consumedly. Hardness and life time of CAg, therefore, increase a lot. Other properties, however, are almost no less than pure silver’s. Thus, applications of CAg are much wider than pure silver’s.

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Ag and Cag

Ag and Cag

Ag and Cag

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